Meat Thermometer Review — Char-Broil Multisensory Wireless

meat thermometer review

Are you looking for a review on a good meat thermometer?

This is the one I own.  I’ll give you my thoughts and what to expect.

Product: Char-Broil Multisensory Wireless Thermometer
Price:  $34.99 (retail)
Where to Buy:
Size of Container: 8.8 ounces
Guarantee: 1 year from date of purchase
My Rating: 9 out of 10

Wireless Meat Thermometer Overview

The time came for me to take the plunge and get a good wireless thermometer for my very first pork smoke.

For a meat thermometer, I didn’t want something clunky or something with bad review after bad review.  I wanted something that was going to last several years, even if I had to pay some additional money up-front.

This one fit the bill.

meat thermometer review

Some of the other options were quite a bit more expensive, but the reviews weren’t really any better.  Just bells and whistles I didn’t really need–at least not right now.  My goal was something that got the job done without a doubt.

I decided at that point to go with this one.  A recognizable brand, it looked like it was solidly-built, and it had the functionality I wanted–and then some.


Unlike with most thermometers which just measure meat temperature at the tip of the probe, this one offers temperature readings at five different points of the probe.

As a wireless thermometer, it comes with three different parts: The base, the probe, and the handheld thermometer.  The thermometer has a range of up to 100 feet.  I carried it all over the house as my meat was smoking, and I never lost any sort of communication.

This thermometer comes with 15 different taste settings, which automatically assigns a goal temperature based on the desired doneness of the meat.  You can also select the type of meat along with the doneness, which will program the desired temperature.

Want to attach it to your waistband as you’re walking around so you don’t lose where you put it?  It comes with a handy clip which slides on and off.

This thermometer comes with an alarm, alerting you when your desired temperature has been reached.

The display comes with an optional backlight, in case you’re stuck smoking your meal in the dark.

Other tidbits

Although I haven’t personally used this in the oven yet, I’ve used it in the smoker which I’ve had as high as 350 degrees.  Yes–this can be used with food cooked in the oven or slow-cooker as well.

The cord that connects the probe to the base is roughly 48″ long.

The temperature setting is for Fahrenheit, but can easily be switched to Celsius.

The highest internal temperature the thermometer will read is 250 degrees.  I’ve had it as high as 215 degrees with no problem.


What I would improve?

There’s not much I would improve.  The instructions are easy to read, setup is easy, and the temperature readings seem accurate based on how the meat behaved at different temperatures.

One thing I would improve is the darkness of the letters and numbers on the screen.  It is difficult to read in bright sunlight and turning on the blue backlight doesn’t help at all.  This isn’t a major critique or even a reason to stay away.  The thermometer is mobile up to 100′, so I was able to take it to a slightly darker environment where I read the numbers just fine.


In closing

Other than the darkness of the characters on the screen, I have no complaints with this thermometer.  Considering the mid-range pricing on this equipment, I’d consider this a tremendous value.

meat thermometer review

This is money well-spent.  I’d strongly suggest buying this if you’re in the market for a meat thermometer.

Eat up.  Cook up…with confidence!

If you have any questions about the Char-Broil Wireless Meat Thermometer, or have your own review if it, feel free to leave a comment in the box below.

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