Survive Your Fourth of July Gathering

fourth of july gathering

It’s Independence Day today in the United States of America.  Chances are you’re going to either host or attend a fourth of July gathering.

If you want a history lesson on July the Fourth, look elsewhere. Politics? Likewise, look elsewhere.

This is more about culture. This is a day where we like to eat. We pig out, drink beer.

We grill burgers, hot dogs, and brats. Others smoke ribs, pork, beef brisket. That’s BBQ. There’s a big difference between grilling and BBQ, but that’s another story for another time.

And that’s where the good food ends at many get-togethers.

With that little bit of meat that’s being prepped, there’s bound to be a ton of carbs and junk food.  Potato salad, potato chips, sodas, cookies, macaroni salad, etc. Carbs, carbs, carbs.   Buns for those hot dogs, burgers, and brats.   More carbs.  More crap.

For the first time in my life, I made it a day of independence from the sugar, grains, and other unnecessary carbs that rule the day at get-togethers.

So, what did we do today?

No real get-together at my house, but we still made it a day of eating.

I didn’t do any grilling or smoking, being in Florida and almost always under the threat of thunderstorms in the summer months. We played the grilling by ear, and with dark clouds and thunder all afternoon we decided against firing up the grill.

Instead, we hit up Publix, the Florida-based grocer that’s become an institutuion here.  I’ll write about a vast array of their offerings another time.

We ended up pre-ordering two pounds of smoked pork and a pound of collard greens.  I did not regret that decision at all.

The pork was wonderfully smoked on the premises. The flavor went throughout. There was a nice red smoke ring evident in various spots. Most importantly, I did not add any sauce. It was good as it was. Good BBQ doesn’t require sauce, and this didn’t. I no longer eat most BBQ sauces, as most contain a buttload of sugar.

fourth of july gathering

The collared greens were also excellent, although a little hot sauce made them better.

Although the site is called Animal-Based Life, I only base my eating habits on animal products.  I am not full carnivore, personally.  The vegetables I eat are of the leafy green and cruciferous variety.

The carbs at a 4th of July get-together can be overwhelming and can cause many to fall off the horse and indulge.  I’ve done it myself. But not on this day.  Nope.

Enjoy this day, enjoy the fireworks, enjoy the good times with family and friends. Eat all the meat you can get your hands on.  Enjoy it with some good mustard.  And tell the junk food to take a hike.

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